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If you have a group of travelers that need to arrange for food worth more than Rs.2000/-,

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We will be happy to assist in your group food ordering needs.

We specialize in facilitating the ordering and delivery of bulk food orders for groups traveling by train.

    Specialist in catering to train tour for:

  • A wedding needing lunch, dinner and breakfast at different locations while travelling in train.
  • A school or college tour to any destination, or an educational tour in India.
  • An office tour with colleagues for meetings and conferences.
  • A religious group tour with special food requirements.

We have the solution for you as we are providing Group bookings in Indian railways trains.

    Foodsonwheels is your best choice for a group traveling by train and caters specially to the following:

  • Travel Agent.
  • Tour Operators.
  • Corporate Travel Desk.
  • Anyone else needing to arrange for food delivery for groups

We take care of the food booking and delivery hassle, leveraging the fully automated and computerized system from Foodsonwheels. We ensure that the food delivered by our network is fresh using our fully computerized system.

Our experience and the large network of selected quality food partner vendors work hard to delivery what you want.

We are growing fast to to ensure that the traveling group is happy and well fed.