Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Cancer

About Cancer

1. 2nd largest population of world dies because of Cancer.
2. Cancer Patient usually does not die because of cancer but he dies by the treatment given to him.
3. In treatments like Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Cobalt Therapy resistance power of body decreases and along with cancer cells it kills healthy cells too.

Medicine for Cancer "Rajiv Dixit"

  1. Turmeric is a very easily available medicine at our home and is only medicine that has potential to cure cancer. It contains a chemical called Carcumin which possesses the strength to kill cancer cells.
  2. Carcumin is also found in desi(Indian) cow urine.

Method to use them for treatment

  1. Take ½ cup of desi cow urine and add ½ teaspoon of turmeric, mix it well.
  2. Now heat the mixture till it starts to boil and then cool it to room temperature.
  3. Now the medicine is ready. Drink it like as we drink tea i.e sip by sip.
  4. For more results add ½ teaspoon of punarnama(you can get it at any ayurvedic store) to the same mixture. But this is not mandatory ingredient.
  5. If possible get urine of desi black cow, it gives very good results.
  6. Please note If patient is already taking Chemotherapy or has taken Chemotherapy sessions than in that case this medicine won’t work.
  7. So before giving medicine to any patient make sure that he has not started chemotherapy else the medicine won’t work.
  8. Also make sure that the desi cow is not pregnant, else medicine won’t give results.

Precautions to avoid Cancer

  1. Make sure the food you eat does not contain dalda, refined oil, double refined oil.
  2. Take high fibrous diet like chilke wali dal, chilke wali sabji, chilke wala rice etc
  3. Drink Cow milk.
  4. Avoid tobacco, gutka, bidi, cigarettes, alcoholic drinks.
  5. Keep Happy thoughts and positive thinking.


This medicine has given miraculous results and cured cancer of almost 99% people. It is helpful in all kinds of cancers.

Medicine for Cancer "Baba Ramdev"

1. Take wheat ka jwar (grass). It is grown by sowing wheat in mud and after 7-9 days grass grows of it. Take the green portion of this grass and make juice of it. Sow new wheat seeds after that.
2. Take 10 to 50 ml (10 ml to start with and later increase quantity based on how much u can digest) add 1 teaspoon of giloy into it or if you get green giloy from plant mix its juice into wheat jwar juice.
3. Add 3-7 leaves of tulsi and 3-7 leaves of neem into it.
4. Take this juice empty stomach every morning and evening i.e. 2 hours before breakfast.
5. After 0.5 hours drink 20-25 ml of desi(Indian) cow urine.
6. You can also store the cow urine by adding 200 gms honey in 1 kg of urine.It gets preserved for 20 – 22 days. Keep it in refrigerator.
7. Medicine has miraculous results in all kinds of cancer.
8. You can continue your chemotherapy or any other treatment while having this medicine.


After 15 mins having the medicine you can start with pranayams,

  1. 5 mins Brastika Pranayam
  2. 15-30 mins Kapalbharti
  3. 15-30 mins Anulom Vilom
  4. 3-12 times Brahmri
  5. Keep positive thoughts.

Hope this information helps you and you come out of cancer.Please pass it to everyone who needs it.